I was stuck on what to give as a gift for my brother.

This is the guy who has everything: a nice car, a home entertainment system, and a set of Apple products. So, what could I buy him for his birthday that he would appreciate, yet not already have?

It seems like this is the problem of every woman who must buy a gift for a man. The last time I was over at his place I had a quick look around. What did he need? I didn’t want to buy him something boring like towels, yet that seems like something that everyone can always use. So, I had a peek in the bathroom.

On the counter was a dinghy and very old electric razor. What a brilliant idea! Men are often hesitant in tossing out something that still works, yet I was sure I could find the perfect men’s cordless and rechargeable electric razor for him. I didn’t want to be cheap, so I settled on a purchase price of $150.

The Braun Series 7 790cc is an electric foil-style razor for men. This kit also comes with a clean and charge station, taking the chore of maintenance away. This was the best electric razor for a gift. It’s packed full of features.

The electric razor is made in a medium grey casing, with a flexible shaving head.

There is a circular button on the lower half which lights up when turned on. The razor is built with Braun’s intelligent sonic technology that actually speeds up the power over thicker stubble. It can work up to 1000 micro-vibrations per minute.

The electric razor head has three rows of cutting blades. One of these is an ActiveLift trimmer that can actually lift up flat-lying hairs and trim them off. Often this can be a problem for men in the neck and chin area. There are also two OptiFoil cutters on either side. They will trim hair as short as 0.5mm which is not discernible to the eye. Braun has the claim no other razor can get this close.

The clean and charge station is in pure black with a stripe of blue at the base, and a blue button. This station takes special five-action cleaning cartridges that are full of solution. This works to clean and lubricate your razor. Once that process is done, the unit will charge up your razor and prepare it for another week of shaving.

This razor has one unique feature at the bottom that I haven’t seen on any other types of razors. The base is flat and you can flip it over to view a battery power indicator. This tells you how much power you have consumed/how much power is left, until you need to plug it in for recharging again.

Another neat feature the Braun Series 7 790cc has is that there are three different shaving modes. You can adjust these for a sensitive shave, regular, or high-powered.

This was the perfect gift for my brother because the Braun Series 7 790cc can achieve in one stroke what other razors can do in two. I’m sure that he could appreciate how he could get ready faster in the morning.

On his birthday, my brother was extremely happy with his Braun Series 7 gift. The true test would be to visit the following week to see if he had tossed it in the drawer, or was really using it. That week I peeked in his bathroom and his new Braun Series 7 790cc electric foil razor and clean and charge station was set up on the counter! His old razor was nowhere in sight.