2020 is a year that has hugely disrupted our lives, for most people, not in a good way.

However, there are a few who are more fortunate than others, and they can use this time for personal and professional growth. I understand that not everyone can do that. If you can’t work from home, if you need to homeschool your children, if you or anyone in your family has an underlying illness, then this year is more about survival for you, but there are those few, who are starting new businesses from home, by just using their laptop.

In the past couple of months, a lot of my friends came to me for advice. They decided to start a new business, or a blog, and they were in need of a website. They wanted to create the website themselves, but they didn’t really know how to go about it, especially when it came to domain names. What is a domain name? Why do you need it? Do I have to pay for it? How much? Where do I buy it? Which websites are reliable? Generally, they had a lot of questions, and they came to me, because they knew that I have already been through this process, more than once.

My answer to all those questions was one website: domaintyper.com. I found this domain name generator when I was creating my fourth website. I was already fed up with the process of finding and purchasing a domain name.

I kept putting it off, because it would take so much time and disappointment. Then I came across Domain Typer, and from that point on, buying the domain name become one of the first things I’d do when creating a website. It was the easiest to cross off my list.

Why is this website amazing? First of all, it’s super easy to use. You just have to type in the domain name that you had in mind, and it tells you whether it’s free or not, and not only for .com, but all other extensions as well! You might be set on a name, but it’s taken for .com, so you can decide to use .org, .net, .site or any other extension. You could even create a wordplay with your chosen name and the extension.

If you are set on the .com, Domain Typer gives you the chance to make an offer to the current owner. It’s worth trying sometimes as a lot of people would get excited about a project, they buy the domain name, but then they would never use it. You’d be making them a favour by taking it off their hands.

If you don’t want another extension, and the current owner is not willing to sell, Domain Typer gives you other options.

It generates other possible names from the one that you typed in. Here, you are likely to find something that works for you. After you found the perfect name, the website gives you a price comparison from the three top websites with the best offers. One more step, where it does the research for you.

When you found the right price, just click on it and the link that takes you to a third-party website where you can buy the domain name.

Easy as that. With this domain name generator you can save hours of research time, it does everything for you, and it’s free!

I hope I got you excited enough and you are ready to head over there and take the first step to make your dream website a reality.