Searching for Sims 4 mods to keep things interesting? There are a variety of Sims mods that can be used to customize your gameplay, whether you want to add deeper character interactions or go a bit bonkers by making your Sim a sorcerer.

On ModTheSims (visit for more info), which has long been the largest venue for authors, new mods continue to appear often even after eight years. Everything is there, from simple adjustments to complete overhauls. Some well-known modders, such as LittleMsSam and KawaiiStacie, have even grown to the point where they have their own websites where they host collections of their works.

Since not all of them receive frequent updates and therefore conflict with the new features offered by EA, it might be difficult to determine which mods still function, just like with mods for other well-known games. Although the arrival of werewolves is welcome, the numerous new lycanthropy mechanics can cause havoc with any mod.

Here is a list of the finest Sims 4 mods, from minor adjustments to game-changing additions, to help you sort through the options. Read the installation section carefully, and make sure there are no conflicts before launching any additional software.

Installing Sims 4 modifications

How are The Sims 4 mods installed? Fortunately, it’s rather easy, especially if you only want to make a few adjustments.

Drag and drop the downloaded mod folders into the “Mods” folder on your Sims 4 computer to install them. When you launch the game for the first time, it ought to have automatically made one for you.

The Sims 4/Mods is where you may find your mods folder in your documents by Electronic Arts.

You must also enable mods in the game settings once you are in it by heading to the Options menu and selecting the Other tab. Depending on what you’ve decided to install, be sure to tick the boxes for “Enable Custom Content and Mods” and “Script Mods Allowed.” After that, you’ll have to restart the game.

To be sure there aren’t any additional steps, always read the installation instructions for any mod you download. Most of these should only require a fast file transfer. Do keep an eye out for any prerequisites your mods may have, such as additional mods’ meshes that you’ll need to install.

Mods for Create-A-Sim

The finest Sims 4 mods have a big impact on how Sims interact with one another. The Sims 4 offers a large selection of qualities that can alter how a Sim acts, and since they’re comparatively simple to make by modders, you can easily increase that selection with custom content.

For instance, the Sweet Tooth trait improves your sims’ baking skills and introduces new moodlets to let them express their love of cake, while the New Hobby Traits encourage you to have your sim participate in their favorite hobbies to reduce stress. If you’re looking for even more unique options to check out, ModTheSims offers a ton of qualities.

Want to simultaneously try out numerous new qualities? With this mod, you can give your Sims access to more than three traits at once by simply typing a short cheat code that includes the name of the additional feature. Everything is described in the mod page.

Height Adjusters

The Sims 4’s new Create-a-Sim tool allows you to spawn Sims with a variety of different widths, but you are unable to change their height. You can modify the height of your Sims using this height slider by GODJUL1 to make the landscape appear more naturally varied. To do so, simply click and drag their feet in Create-a-Sim.

Robotic beards

Although this is really a Live Mode mod, we’ll leave it in Create-A-Sim as it changes the appearance of your Sim. Your Sims will develop a beard with the help of this mod. There is also a beard tonic to hasten the process if you don’t want to wait for nature. Your Sim can shave and arrange their facial hair in the mirror after it has grown too long. We may all agree that The Sims 4 needs more personal chores.

Mods for Build and Buy Mode

OMSP Shelving

For those who enjoy creating complex scenes, this is an absolute necessity. In The Sims 4, it can be a hassle to place clutter naturally. Snapping issues can arise even if you’ve mastered utilizing the ALT key for free placement and the 0 or 9 keys to adjust an object’s height. By serving as a temporary surface while you clutter to your heart’s content, the OMSP shelf makes it easier to add clutter to almost anything.

Better to Buy/Build

Better Build/Buy by TwistedMexi is a really helpful mod for the expert builders in the room. When looking for objects, this mod increases the number of rows and makes it simpler to use filters. The major game changer, though, is how simple it makes finding debug objects—the cool items that are present in The Sims 4 but can typically only be revealed for usage through cheats—to be found. Better Build/Buy makes them much easier to find by allowing you to see them without using cheats and by giving them all names. Color swatches are also present on debug items.