First, let’s dig a little deeper into why we’re so concerned with likes on social media. We get the sensation that we are valuable when we receive a particular number of likes. People who are similar to us! omg. If we had a like button in real life, that would be so strange lol. If you’re worried about whether or not people like you in real life, you’ll be insecure on social media as well. The number of likes you receive can provide you with the happiness you seek. I believe it all begins with SELF-LOVE. I began to accept myself and grow during my Instagram journey. I like my photos, and it no longer bothers me if you don’t.

So, what shifted my perspective?

I was so worried about the lower engagement that I became sick of it one day. I just wanted to buy instagram likes cheap. I believe that if you make and post something you enjoy, others will enjoy it as well.

Remember that half of the individuals who like your content aren’t interested in it. They really enjoy it! Because they were motivated to move their fingers by something in the photo, whether it was your dress or the bird fluttering around in the background. That doesn’t mean they’re also interested in your personal life. This made me understand that just because you have a lot of likes on Instagram doesn’t mean you’re popular. They might never see you or your account again. So why would you be concerned about those individuals?

This is extremely crucial for the business owners out there. I’ve always believed that if I didn’t have a lot of likes on my photos, I’d never be able to start a successful blog. So, here’s where I am now. I get an average of 1.000 likes for every photo, which isn’t a lot. However, I work with incredible brands and have been given incredible opportunities in terms of events and press tours. Because I don’t have as many followers to care about, I have a lot of engagement with them! I know and feel them, which is a huge advantage when it comes to promoting a business.

Last but not least, I became at ease with my material. I wasn’t looking for the greatest photos anymore; I was looking for the ones that I believed would work well. I began sharing the images that I adored. I was quite proud of the photos I took. This made me considerably happy than trying to create something that wasn’t me on a regular basis. I can’t emphasize how crucial it is to have confidence in your stuff enough, guys! Your followers will see this if you are confident in your ability to show it off. Everyone’s personal style is rewarded on Instagram. You should simply be yourself. Yes, you may not receive the number of Instagram likes you hoped for, but you will produce work that you can be proud of.